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Lynda Barry Rules!

The comic below – Folks Need Homes – was in Jepcomix Issue 4, and was written just after I’d found out that Drawn and Quarterly was going to publish all of Lynda Barry‘s comics (the last page is an homage to her).

That was 2007.

I had started to give up hope, but the other day I found this in the shop! It’s fantastic. The series is called Everything, and this edition is called Blabber Blabber Blabber. I love Lynda Barry a LOT, so I am very happy.




About Richard Dawkins’ People Skills

The Adventures of Jesus in the Zeroth Century

This is really old – done about 16 years ago. I like it well enough, but the hands-down best thing about it is “in the Zeroth Century” which was made up by Kro. Credit where it’s due. Sorry for the awful handwriting. This was meant to be released over time – where, I had no idea. Here’s the WHOLE THING in one juicy burst (Ew.)011




The Little Dead Kid: After Life Foot Mouth

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